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Thanasis & Konstantina | Wedding in Nafplio Greece
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Thanasis & Konstantina | Wedding in Nafplio Greece

I remember the moment when my colleague Felix said..
Wedding Day: 27 July 2019
Wedding Dress: Maria Konidi


It’s been a while since my last article but here I am again.

The big day was finally here and as always I woke very early in the morning so I had enough time to prepare all the equipment for one more 2019 summer wedding.

The emotions are always the same, anxiety and satisfaction, all together. You see, I  truly desire to immortalize and capture the picture in my mind before the wedding even happens. Therefore to do so, I have to know in advance important things like, locations, lighting, mood etc. So, I’m trying to learn the most of details from all my beloved couples before the wedding day.

However it’s very common to catch the feeling and get all that important information as I arrive at the venue. Besides this, as you imagine the unknown situations and surprises during wedding day makes me anxious. In the other hand, satisfaction is there. I really enjoy be a part of this special day. Furthermore as wedding photographer, my role is to impress with my skills and embrace the beauty of the clients and their guests at the same time annihilate the risk of losing priceless moments.

Being a wedding photographer is to commit yourself to be a ghost but and the main vendor at the same time.

Having more than 5000 photographs I was feeling the pressure to get one more job successfully done.
My opinion is that it’s significantly better to capture all the important moments than being worried of missing some.

What Happened?

That exactly happen during this wedding. I remember clearly the moment when my colleague Felix said: “ Kirill! Did you see that? “ The moment of a little gorgeous baby girl hugging a huge dog that was accidentally at the venue location. For sure that was a shot that I should have it but unfortunately, I missed it.
After a long period of time, post-production results were ready. I was sure and confident that we personally and my team did the best possible to achieve the greatest representation of this wedding. So you may imagine how satisfied I felt hearing the phrase: “Your Photographs were great”. That time is the moment when you know that your efforts were paid off.

What is the next move?
Looking for a way to improve mine and my team’s skills. Self-improvement never stops.
Looking forward to the next wedding!

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